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EU Needs A Single Voice On Foreign Policy

 "We have no choice, we must play a role" - Javier Solana

Thursday, October 17, 2002

The European Unionís foreign policy chief Javier Solana has stressed that new titles and personalities will not solve EU's foreign policy problems. He said that 'the EU needs a single voice on foreign policy and in order to run a successful foreign policy, the EU needs more political will, more continuity and more money'. European Union is getting itself ready to play the more important role of a world 'Super Power'. An expanded EU state with 25 member states would have two times more as many citizens as the US and four times as many as Japan. EU and it's policy makers are eyeing the spot where America comfortably sits. This political world scenario was prophesied about 2,500 years ago by prophet Daniel. Bible speaks about a 'Revived Roman Empire' in the last days, when Christ is about to return. Not only are we seeing the advent of this prophecy, we are also seeing that how slowly but surely the power is shifting from U.S. to EU.

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EU Observer

EU Foreign Ministers Endorse Creation Of A Palestinian State In June 2005

 Move over U.S. here comes E.U.

Saturday, August 31, 2002

In a three phase plan EU has agreed to create an independant Palestinian state in June 2005. The first phase would cover the period upto Palestinian elections in early 2003, the second phase would last until a state has been established by August 2003 and the final phase would end with the establishment of a final Palestinian state in June 2005.


EU Warns Against U.S. Immunity

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The European Union yesterday told all countries hoping to join the bloc that they should not sign U.S. accords granting immunity to U.S. peacekeepers from the new International Criminal Court.
Yugoslavia said yesterday it would not sign such a pact. The warning by European Commission President Romano Prodi to aspiring EU members followed an EU announcement of regret that Romania had become the first country to sign an ICC-immunity agreement with the United States.
"Other candidate countries which have also been approached by the United States, for now in any case, should not make any more moves to agree to sign such an accord," said a spokesman for Mr. Prodi in Brussels yesterday.

The Washington Times

Citizens Should Not Choose The EU Leader - Prodi

 EU evolving to Biblical proportions?

EU President Monday, July 29, 2002

The European Union president, Romano Prodi, is not in favour of giving the EU citizens a right to choose. If this happens then it will be left upon the national parliament and the members of the European parliament to select a leader. Let us understand, that there is a difference between selection and election. Election is a democratic procedure but selection makes it autocratic.
The Bible talks about a coming world leader from the revived Roman Empire (EU - Daniel 9:26 & Daniel 7:24) who comes 'peacably' and obtains the kingdom by flatteries (Daniel 11:21). He uses his deception and deceives the whole world (Revelation 13).

EU Observer

God Should Be Included In the EU Constitution-Polish Right Party

  Constitution & God

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

"We consider that Europe needs a reliable spirit and moral fundament. Europeís political unity cannot be built without cultural unity which core is a relationship with God," the Polish Law & Justice Party (PiS) stated. The party believes it follows the thoughts of pope John Paul II. Is EU willing to take this step or even consider it, when this proposal is tabled by PiS this autumn.

EU Observer

Court Row Strains US-EU Relations

  Is the power from US shifting to Europe?

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

EU Observer is reporting, that the US-EU relations are at their lowest point ever since President George Bush took over office. Numerous reasons are cited including the latest issue of International Criminal Court (ICC). The United States is backed by Israel, which said it is withdrawing support for the ICC and will not ratify its signature on the treaty creating the court. Israel also fears the ICC will be dominated by hostile Third World nations or European critics who will seek indictments for Israel's occupation and settlement activities in the Palestinian territories.

EU Observer

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